Southern Baptist Brasil Mission Directory

We regret to announce that the directory is no longer available on the Internet.
Recent upgrades by software vendors and ever-increasing security concerns in cyberspace have caused us to review this system. The people involved in the administration of the Directory are aware that continuing this online system is no longer feasible.
The information has been preserved and represents an invaluable resource for providing information to those interested in the history of Baptist work in Brazil.
We are searching for God’s answer for the preservation of all this wonderful information and a way for mission family members to still benefit from the information in the database.

We are asking for suggestions on how the information can be preserved and utilized in the future. We are looking for an organization, university, or group which has the appropriate skills and experience in dealing with historical documents and would make this material available in some format in the future.

Please click the Contact Us button to send us your suggestions.

The system was created and activated on March 15, 2005.

We express our gratitude for the people who worked on this system over the years.
A special word of thanks goes to missionaries Berdie Hope and Charles Dickson and
MKs Mike Richards, Naomi Cowsert Key, and Joe Musgrave.
Technical assistance by Ray Waugh (MK Susan Dickson) and John Hastings (MK Helen Dickson).

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