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Seven Characteristics of Jesus Teachings [5015]
G. Campbell Morgan

from lecture Jesus,  the Teacher by G. Campbell Morgan-a noted evangelist, lecture and author said this about Christ teaching.

"There are seven notes then that I find in the teaching of Jesus. Some of them are not for our imitation. Some of them are...let us look at Him as Teacher."  The following list is from Winona Echoes, 1925,  pp. 232-241.

  1. DOGMATIC: He did not speculate.
  2. AUTHORITATIVE: "Not in a dictatorial manner, not because He held office-He held none on a human level-but because the think He said was so. It grips the heart of the hearer, and men know that the thing He said was so."
  3. INTELLIGIBILITY: "He spoke to be understood. Evidently the passion of His heart as a Teacher was that the listening man should grasp the thing He was trying to say." (Winona, 1925, p. 237)
  4. ILLUSTRATIVE:  His illustrations were remembered and always taken from everyday life.
  5. RATIONAL: "He always appealed to the rational, always appealed to reason, constantly called the human mind to sit in judgment upon the thing He was saying, Himself content to abide by the true and unbiased judgment of the human mind."
  6. PURPOSEFUL: "He never taught men anything merely to satisfy intellectual curiosity. "
  7. PATIENCE: "He was never content with their attainment; but gradually and progressively He imparted knowledge to them all the way through, waiting for them with infinite patience."

Winona Echoes: Notable Address Delivered at the Thirty-first Annual Bible Conference, Published by Authority of the Winona Assembly and Bible Conference, 1925.

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