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Links Outside

We are only able to monitor our site. We have provided links to other sites which we believe to be helpful or of interest to some. HOWEVER, we are unable to monitor or determine any legal status or accuracy of any sites outside and

  1. The accuracy of any material is not guarantee. We will do our best to keep the information accurate and updated.
  2. We accept no responsibility for any misuse of any information on this or on external links provided.
  3. We have incorporated a wide variety of sites and information on Ministry Server.
    1. The presence of any information or links on this site does not necessary reflect the view of the site's developer.
    1. The Internet has created the opportunity for individuals to take responsibility for the information they view and accept.
    2. Each person MUST develop his/her own guidelines for accepting and rejection information.
    3. In a free society the balance between INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY reflects our true wealth.
    4. Larry Magid in The Dark Side of the Web address the web, freedom, and responsibility. (Linked with permission.)

Pages on that are created for other individuals and ministries. provides server space for several individuals and organization. We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of their information. We are only providing space for their information.

These Pages on are to be considered the same as Links Outside

Please note our Purpose Statement

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Old Testament, New Testament, and Life of Christ materials.

  1. Part of Ministry Server Web Site. The Old Testament, New Testament, and Life of Christ are used in college level courses. We have attempted to provide documentation for references.
  2. This site is not the sole product of Ministry Server. Much effort on the part of many others have made this site possible.
  3. We have attempted to provide a variety of information which is readily accessible.
  4. Please, submit additions, correction, to Ministry Server

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Ideas, Sayings, Reviews, and more

  1. We reserve the right to accept and/or reject any and all submissions.
  2. Only Email your submission will be accepted.
  3. We will add other guide lines as the web page develops

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  1. When you see a piece of information you like or want to copy
  2. THE LONG HTTP://_______ address: When you find an address in the text do what is mentioned in #1 except paste the address in the line of your browser for internet address. (Save typing and typing errors. Work smart.)

These guidelines will be amended as the need arises.

   Material on this site may be utilize for non-commercial purposes, if
      1. Credit is given on the medium used to present the material
      2. is notified
Any images and content  in the Web Sites maintained by MinistryServer are property and responsibility
          of the individual and/or group.
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