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Dating, Calendar
The Christian Calendar, Gregorian calendar, uses:
A.D. - "anno domini" Latin for "in the Year of our Lord"
B.C. - "Before Christ"
B.C.E. - "Before the Common Era" similar to B.C. used as a non-religious designation
Note: Because of errors in earlier calendars many believe birth of Christ to be 4 B.C.
See "Calendar" in MS Encarta for in-depth discussion.
See Lecture on Time
Dead Sea Scrolls
In 1947 an Arab shepherd boy discovered manuscripts (which pre-dated Christ. Many of these manuscripts were of the Old Testament, apocryphal material, and records of the Essene community.
A school of thought that believes that the truth in the Bible is a mix of culture (religious myth) and divine truth. In order to get to the core truth the cultural aspects (the vehicles use to convey the truth) must be stripped  away, "demythologized." According to Rudolf Bultmann and Reinhold Niebuhr the interpreter "must look through and beyond the historical record" to find the real message. (GN, 41)
See Cultural Coloring of Biblical Text
Describes the scattering of the Jews after the Fall of Jerusalem.
Division of Student Ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texasleave-site.gif (900 bytes)
The printed source for the Online Resource Texts which we use in the New and Old Testament classes.
Viewing the word as two: good-evil, spirit-body.
See Philosophical Terms

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