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A term use by the author of this glossary to represent the 66 book of the Bible which is the Word of God.
See Bible, biblos, Canon, Text, Word of God,
66 Books
Scroll or roll
a manuscript in a sheet form that can be rolled up: one sheet to many feet long.
Seputagint (LXX)
greek translagion of the Hebrew Canon about 250 B.C. generally thought to have been translated in Alexandria, Egypt by seventy scribes.
Slippery Slope
in interpretation, if you accept one tainted or false idea, that will lead to accepting other false beliefs. One step off the true and narrow and your belief system will begin an "inevitable" slide. See Propaganda
a stone pillar use in ancient times to record inscriptions, often the exploits of rulers or important events. Moabite Stone
See Translation

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