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belief that god or god(s) are nature
See monotheism, polytheism, Trinity
Papyrus (papyri)
a writing material (not paper as we know it) made from the Papyrus plant found in the Nile marshes.
originated in Egypt when Moses led the people out of bondage. The 10th plague afflicted the everyone who did not observe the Passover. (More)
Meaning five (5) books. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Torah
A dominant religious group which held to a strict interpretation of the Torah. (More)
Philosophical Terms
Cosmological, Dualism, Empirical, Ontological, Reason,
Belief in more than one god
See monotheism, pantheism, Trinity
Foretelling - telling before hand
Forth Telling - Speaking of what is currently happening.
The Old Testament prophets did both. The student needs to clearly understand when the prophet is "predicting future events" and when the prophet is telling about speaking about "current events."
religious folk lore from 200 BC to 100 AD which have never been considered canonical

Old Testament:Book of Jubilee, Letter of Ansteas, Book of Adam and Eve...

New Testament: Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Peter...
See Antilegomena, Apocrypha, Homologoumena

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